Update November 2022 – Landmark has seen tremendous growth in 2022. To help our customer base, Landmark launched our own YouTube channel and continues to provide opportunities for our employees to get into the community to make a difference. To highlight our commitment to our clients, Landmark worked closely with Pro Forma Inc. to build comprehensive compliance management services that revolutionized our business. We continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the receivables industry and welcome our employees or prospective employees to explore what makes us unique in the industry. 

February 2022 – Landmark Strategy Group, LLC, a nationally licensed and bonded receivables management firm headquartered in West Seneca, NY, is excited to be positioned for growth in 2022. Led by Mark Lesinski, President and Owner of Landmark Strategy Group, Landmark’s executive team has a combined 60 plus years of experience in the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry that helps our team keep pace with the changing regulatory landscape of the industry. 

“As a passive purchaser of consumer loans, credit cards, fintech, credit unions, auto deficiencies, bankruptcy, B2B, retail finance and specialty finance accounts, Landmark is poised to go above and beyond expectations,” Mark says. “We began with the goal of providing quick valuations, streamlining the purchasing process, and providing exceptional customer service. After three years, we are proud that we are continuing to expand our goals, mission, and team to meet the needs of our clients and consumers, and we look forward to another excellent year in 2022.” 

A Landmark Evolution In 2022

Landmark Strategy Group’s growth begins with our amazing staff. As we keep pace with continually updated industry regulations and guidelines, we provide the most relevant and high-quality training that our employees need to be successful. We monitor these changes through our industry memberships in the Receivables Management Association International (RMAI) and ACA International

Mark Lesinski attended the 25th Annual 2022 RMAI Annual Conference as a way to connect with industry stakeholders and meet with both our existing and prospective clients to discuss how Landmark’s data-driven decisions can ensure mutual growth in the coming year. With three full days of industry educational events, the Landmark team came away from the annual conference ready to grow both our staff and our opportunities in 2022. 

Finding The Right Fit

Our coming growth starts with our team, and we believe in building a diverse and inclusive staff. Our growth-minded team focuses on expanding both the company and their own personal horizon. The Landmark executive team understands the importance of finding the perfect work-life balance. The well-being of our employees isn’t a gimmick, it’s a cultural foundation. Working at Landmark allows giving back to yourself, your community, and the rest of the Landmark team. 

We offer professional development that can open doors to advancement opportunities for motivated team members. Landmark honors our employee’s contributions and voice, and we want to help foster their differences, talents, and interests. If you believe you are the right fit for the Landmark team, visit our Careers page on our website to discover the latest job opportunities. Also, be sure to visit our official career listings on Glassdoor or apply to Landmark on Indeed

Landmark Strategy Group is proud to also be an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration regardless of age, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ability/disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. 

Incredible Opportunities Await

At Landmark, we’ve recognized the link between happy employees and success, and have purposefully built a corporate culture that is centered around the well-being of our employees. Our team regularly participates in community events and fundraisers as a way to bond and give back to our community family

In the workplace, Landmark offers plenty of opportunities for extra income, advancement, and professional growth. We strive to provide industry-leading benefits, growth opportunities, and culture to our employees and we know that a career with Landmark is not just another job, but a doorway into a wonderful career.

As 2022 continues, Landmark Strategy Group is excited to focus on our employees, clients, and consumers and continue to grow beyond all expectations. Growth in 2022 will begin by expanding our excellent staff and introducing Landmark’s exceptional culture to more like-minded individuals ready to begin a career with our team. 

Learn More Online

To discover more about Landmark, our team, our culture, and our acquisition services, please visit our website. To stay up-to-date on the latest Landmark news or opportunities, follow the Landmark Strategy Group team on LinkedIn

About Landmark Strategy Group

Landmark Strategy Group, LLC is a nationally licensed and bonded receivables management firm located in West Seneca, NY that specializes in passively purchasing non-performing receivables portfolios. Mark Lesinski and the rest of Landmark’s executive team have a combined total of 60+ years of experience in the ARM industry and have developed efficient and compliant processes that deliver a quick valuation, streamlined purchase, and exceptional customer service after the sale.