Compliant and Professional Portfolio Acquisition Services

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Why should I sell my non-performing portfolios to Landmark Strategy Group?

Cash flow is critical for businesses and non-paying accounts can rob your business of revenue. Landmark’s Director of Business Development, Mark Lesinski, can help you navigate selling your accounts receivables portfolios to reduce risk and provide your business with an immediate influx of cash.

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How long does the portfolio valuation and sales process take?

Landmark Strategy Group has years of experience in developing processes and procedures that make the sales process quick and compliant. The best and fastest way to get started is to contact our Director of Business Development, Mark Lesinski, for a no-obligation portfolio valuation. Call us at 877-412-9815 and we will walk you through the process, every step of the way.

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Does Landmark have forward flow portfolio purchase agreements?

We strategically customize each engagement to ensure maximum value. To speak about selling your receivables portfolio or discuss other options that can help your business establish a more predictable cash flow from the sale of your non-performing accounts, please call our Director of Business Development, Mark Lesinski at 877-412-9815.

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What We Do

Landmark Strategy Group, LLC gives creditors and lenders immediate cash for non-performing account portfolios. We specialize in the purchase of non-performing consumer loans, as well as credit card, fintech, credit union, auto deficiency, bankruptcy, B2B, retail finance, and specialty finance accounts. Led by our Director of Business Development, Mark Lesinski, our team has the experience to deliver a quick, transparent, and seamless sales process. We can provide the quick influx of cash that your business needs to support operations, fund growth initiatives, invest in technology, and meet the financial goals of your organization.

Our Proven Process

We have spent years refining our processes and procedures to ensure that we are delivering the best experience for our clients and their consumers. The Landmark Strategy Group team is guided by our commitment to compliance, transparency, and integrity. We purchase distressed assets with the highest standards of consumer data security. With a quick and transparent valuation process, we make the sale of your receivables straightforward and effortless. After purchase, accounts are outsourced to our network of collection agencies and law firms carefully vetted by our Compliance team and Director of Business Development, Mark Lesinski. Each member of our network is required to adhere to national and state standards and maintain the highest levels of customer service for consumers; our screening process ensures that we partner with only the best third-party agencies and firms who treat consumers with compassion and respect while resolving their financial obligations.

Benefits of Selling Non-Performing Portfolios

Selling non-performing portfolios provides businesses immediate cash for accounts that have little hope of economic recovery. Landmark Strategy Group specializes in purchasing accounts that have been non-performing for months or even years and may have been deemed charged-off to your business. By eliminating the internal cost of personnel to service and collect on these non-paying accounts, your business saves time and money. It also eliminates your liability and the risk of costly frivolous litigation by being able to stop your debt collection communication attempts with your non-paying customers. As the probability of repayment declines with time, selling these accounts guarantees immediate cash payment, reduces risk, and eliminates the continual drag on your bottom line.

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Learn more about how selling your A/R portfolios can provide instant cash while reducing your risk.

Learn more about how selling your A/R portfolios can provide instant cash while reducing your risk.