Compliance and Technology

Innovative Technology

Landmark Strategy Group heavily invests in the technology and training that keep our every action in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations that govern the receivables industry. We have implemented strict file transfer protocols that encrypt and ensure the safe transmission of sensitive data, protecting the personally identifiable information (PII) and personal data with which we are trusted by our creditor clients. Our organization utilizes secure storage and limits access to secure information with protocols and security procedures that are appropriate for each level of user.

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Businessman holding compliance and commitment wooden square block

Commitment to Compliance

Compliance is the bedrock of our organization. Landmark Strategy Group understands the importance of protecting your business’ reputation. Our team, led by our Director of Business Development, Mark Lesinski, acts professionally when working on behalf of your company. Landmark is ethical and transparent to ensure that we protect your brand and create a relationship built on trust and success. Compliance is at the forefront of every technology, process, and training decision that we make. Our long-term success is derived from the years of positive relationships that we have carefully nurtured with our clients.